Important News – GG

Important Reminders:

1. Teams must show a copy of their most updated WebPoint roster to the ref before the beginning of each match.  All players and coaches must be listed on roster or they cannot participate.  No handwritten entries allowed – not even for uniform #’s.  WebPoint is the official roster for Governor’s Games and will be the only roster permitted.  Only “hard copies” of WebPoint roster will be accepted by ref – no phone copies.

2. All players and coaches receive a souvenir “T-Shirt“.  The Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports provides the T-shirts. Be sure to have coach or team rep go to championship desk / court manager’s desk at your site to pick up your team’s t-shirts.

3. No outside food/drink allowed at any playing sites.  Concession stands will be open. If you bring an ice chest please leave it in the car.

4. Limited seating is available at all 4 sites. Bring your own folding chair to assure you have a seat.